Various Ways To Take Cannabis Concentrates


One needs to understand the best way of taking the marijuana concentrate so as to enjoy the cannabis taking experience and the effects it has on the body. It is pretty obvious that some ways of taking it are more effective than others. People have been exploring various methods all through the years to come up with these ideas. So below this article will highlight different common ways people use to take the cannabis concentrates.

Various ways to take cannabis concentrate


It is considered to be the best and healthiest when it comes to giving high. However, one needs vape pens or vape modes to enjoy the experience. The vape pens also use the E-juice. Since most of the cannabis concentrates are found in the form of wax based, then one needs to know how to make marijuana concentrate into vape juice.


It is pretty simple. All you need is to buy wax liquidizer from a reliable source which guarantees no chemical additives like nicotine. The only thing some of them may add is different flavors to make a variety of tastes. They come with simple instructions on how to mix and heat into ready to use E-juice.

Dabbing rigs

Dabbing has been used since people advanced from smoking to concentrates for a better experience. They have a better experience than ordinary smoking and people still use them to date. They include the use of a pipe and a heating torch to work the trick. The popular torch used is either the propane or butane torch both of which give more or less similar results. The concentrate is placed at the base of the pipe which has a wide opening to heat. However, one concern rise about this method is the safety of the user especially when things get a bit high. Most of the torch come with a safety plug and will go off when released.

Tinctures and edibles

Well, most of the cannabis concentrates are not ready to eat raw, and they need a process to extract the edible ingredients. However, they are still used. Most common are the magic brownie, cannabis butter or even cannabis cakes. It is also common to find them in the form of candies and chocolates.


Tinctures, on the other hand, are not too common but still have a wide use. They come in the form of ingestible liquid that comes in a jar and a dropper. One needs to drop just one or two drops on the tongue and you are good to go.