Tips on giving gifts for bridesmaid


Bridesmaid play a very important role in the wedding, but unfortunately, we forget about them. It is important to take time and appreciate the work that they do for the bride and the wedding party. When it comes to gifts for bridesmaid, it can be a tricky affair. Most of the time, the bridesmaids are friends of the bride, and in this case, it becomes easy to select the gifts. However, you should remember that each of them is different and you should try and come up with unique bridesmaid gifts. Here are some tips when buying gifts for your bridesmaid.

Buying gifts for bridesmaid

Clothes and jewelry

When it comes to bridesmaid gifts, the common choice is something that can be worn. The choices are limitless because you can decide to go for hoodies, t-shirts or even bracelets. However, you have to be careful and make a choice to look personalized for the bridesmaid. For instance, avoid using the word bridesmaid on the hoodies or t-shirt. It will look as if the t-shirt is meant for the occasion only and it cannot be used on another day. Try and make the gift usable for a long time.


Thoughtful gifts

Apart from clothes and jewelry which are a common choice, you can decide to opt for thoughtful gifts as well. These are gifts that make the lives of the bridesmaid easy. For instance, a small tea flask for keeping tea warm at work is a great gift for a bridesmaid. You can go ahead and put the name of each bridesmaid on the tea flask. There are many choices when it comes to thoughtful gifts.

Give them an experience

An experience is also a great gift for the bridesmaid. You can decide to give them a voucher to go and have a good time as you enjoy your honeymoon. For instance, you can give them a voucher to go to the spa or another interesting activity. It all depends on what your bridesmaids like to do because you know them better than anyone else.


A thank you note plus the gift

Many people tend to forget this, but it is important to show appreciation. You don’t just need to give them a gift, but you need to show your gratitude. Make sure that the gift is properly wrapped with a thank you note inside. If possible, make sure that the note is handwritten to make the message personalized.