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When to Replace the Things in Your House


Sometimes we may love the things we have in our house, but as much as we love it, it has its expiration date. Ranging from toothbrush, pillows and even windows, want it or not. The list goes on and on, and here on this article, we’re going to list some of the times you have to replace your stuff, make sure to read this article to find out more about the expire of some of the stuff in your house.

Toothbrush, 3 to 4 months

There are some cases where people don’t replace their toothbrush after using it more than half a year, the official replacement time is once every 3-4 months, depending on how you use it. The reason why toothbrush has a short replacement time is that it builds up bacteria overtime, and if you don’t store it at the right place (leave it wet or by the sink without the cover), it is a perfect place for germs to grow as well. If you insist, replace when the bristles start to wither away, as it can hurt your gums, which can lead to bleeding gums or gum disease.

Makeup brushes, two years, washed regularly

If you’re a makeup user, then you might want to throw away old brushes. Even when your brush is routinely washed, its fur will go dull, and it makes germ a lot easier to pass on to your brush. If you don’t wash your brush routinely, make sure to replace every half a month or a year, as a dirty brush is a perfect magnet for germs.

Tip: liquid cleansers that are made for makeup brush can be quite expensive, opt for a bar soap that is targetted for babies to be used for cleaning your brush. Baby soaps are safe to use, and will not destroy your brush.

Refrigerator, 15 to 20 years

The place where you store your foods has its expiry date. Your refrigerator can be used for up to 15 years if taken care correctly and depending on the model; you only have to worry about replacing one it hits the year 15, as by that time there will be newer models which use less energy and can store food way better compared to old models.

Window, 20 years

The window is probably the one that lasts the longest in this article, but after a storm and a long time, you might want to replace it. Consider checking Window installation Baltimore MD, for a professional roofing and window services.…