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How To Start Your Own Garden

Plan the Project

In everything you do, it must start with preparation, and part of getting things ready is planning. In transforming your yard into a garden, list the materials needed like the tools, the plant supplier, the person to help, the budget and the design. The design is the visualization in the arrangement of your project. What are to consider in making your design? It includes uniformity, balance, proportion, and transition. Proportion refers on how the sizes of the plants fit into the area landscape. The transition is the gradual change of image of the place combined with colors, line and the texture of the plants. You can enhance your garden project by adding landscape. There are a lot of landscape designs that would fit the desire and purpose of your garden.  There are companies that give services in landscaping . You can contact the team who did the  landscaping enhancement in New Orleans to help  your  plan.

Prepare the Area

After the planning, it is now time to clean the yard. Weeds are the worst enemy in starting a garden. In the stage of soil layering, it is important that the yard is clean and without any grasses. Consider the type of soil in the place, soil with too much clay will affect the drainage system in your garden. The acidity of the soil should not be too low or high. No matter what is the quality of the soil you cannot go wrong putting some compost on it. Not all bed grounds are equal, lay down a landscape fabric before any start of planting.


Choosing the type of Plants

You can use your art, creativity, and skills in designing with plants. But the kind of plants should be matched to your area condition. Buy plants that can survive in any weather condition. The kind of plants also depends on the theme you want to convey in your garden.



See to it the plants receive enough water and sunlight to survive. Add an amount of organic materials to your plants. Keep a garden journal to monitor the dates of transplanting.

Keep Learning

Read and seek more information related to your home garden. Keep learning how to enhance  and develop more the project you have started. Your curiosity will give you more ideas about plants. Eventually, you will familiarize different plants that you can add to your garden…